Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History

I will be your host for the remainder of this shit show. Enjoy.


"Good Fatty" vs "Bad Fatty"

an exploration of behaviour and the policing of women’s agency

photographer: Isabel Dresler
model: Kitty Stryker

In this I wanted to explore what constitutes “good fatty” behaviour vs “bad fatty” behaviour. I’ve had my grocery choices policed, been asked if I’m hurting the reputation of other plus size people by eating ice cream in public, and had strangers offer me diet tips when I was waiting in line. I’ve been sneered at for wearing tight clothes and been tsked for being happily sexual. As someone who only saw my body made sexualized in feeder porn, I wanted to confront the idea that being fat and sexy was shameful/ugly, rather wanting to depict shame as performed for the thin-striving gaze to earn approval. The “good fatty” is the fatty who exercises, who eats well, who hides her body. I’m a bad fatty, all the way, and I don’t give a fuck. 

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#Iwokeuplikethis #flawless 💅

#Iwokeuplikethis #flawless 💅